As I work in SEO and blogger outreach I speak to bloggers on a daily basis regarding gifting, collaborations, events - pretty much anything you can think of. What I've been finding recently is not everyone knows the 'ins and outs' of why brands gift bloggers, some think it's for cool images - which is an added bonus don't get me wrong but the bottom line is SEO value and site authority. Each month I'll be publishing 5 top tips to make your blog more readable to search engines (Google), along with inside hints and tips to bagging collaborations with your favourite brands, so make sure your follow HERE.

Taking all the big words out and techy stuff - I look at SEO like this: Google is pretty much like the mafia of the internet, if you do something wrong you'll get penalised and taken off search results. This happens on a regular basis, read this story about Interfloral HERE and how they were peanlised - scary right? They're an online floral service how can you run an online company without Google?

So everyone's aim whether you're a blogger, retailer, information site etc is for someone to search a related term like 'women's fashion' and for them to appear at position one. (So when I talk about ranking, this is what I mean.)

Google brings out different algorithms to make sure website, blogs etc are all following the same rules. This is so Google only ranks the most trustworthy websites and close all the spammy/scam sites. New algorithms are brought out all the time, what once was expectable 6 months ago might not be the correct way to do things now. So digital marketers like me keep up to date as much as possible and inform our blogger communities the right way to do things. 

The good news is if brands contact you on a regular basis you're probably doing a few things rights - but imagine what you can achieve when you know exactly what brands are looking for and how to make your blog better... Do you want to have the next shoe collaboration with River Island like 5 Inch and Up?

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I've completely fell in love with H&M all over again this season. From the Studio AW14 collection to the Wang collaboration, they've pretty much covered any fashion lover's faves. As we hit the colder months I always have the dreaded ordeal of getting a new coat (or three) and a new pair ankle boots that you pretty much want to match at least 70% of your wardrobe. Purely so when it's -5 outside and your bedroom floor is like standing on a sheet of ice in the morning, you can throw something together and it pretty much look ok... *Note to self* remove anything slightly crazy from the wardrobe and lock away for spring. So after weeks of searching for an acceptable height heeled boot I came across these little beauts in H&M. Faux black leather with a suede heel, these are the perfect add ons to those everyday outfits of leather trousers with shirts to culottes with oversized knits. So prepare to see these with pretty much everything I own! 


Since starting my new healthy eating plan earlier in the year, I've really concentrated on trying to eat fresh healthy meals with little processed food with additives. I saw a simple recipe on Instagram for chicken avo wraps a few weeks back and decided to make my own healthier version.

 Firstly starting with the homemade salsa chop up the onions into fine cubes, then cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Add a table spoon of mixed herbs and a pinch of cracked black pepper, mix thurally.

For the guacamole take a full avocado and chop into cubes, take a pestal and morta and crush the avocado together mixing in half a lemon.

I like to serve these separately in two bowls so people can help themselves.

Next cut the turkey steaks into strips, using a Cajun spice (Nandos spice is also a good shout) toss the strips until fully covered. Add two sprays of 1kcal spray to a frying pan and cook the turkey steaks on a low heat until white all the way through.

Warm the whole wheat wraps up in the microwave for 40 seconds and serve on a separate plate.

Complete the meal with 0% fat free Greek yoghurt and fresh salad.

Easy, peasy.

Want me to make a meal healthy? Leave any requests below. 


There's something about the cold winter weather that makes you want to slip on comfy clothes and wrap up warm whether you're heading on a night out or to get those last minute Christmas presents. I saw this longline oversized Zara coat and fell in love, anything that reaches the ankles scores major fashion points at the moment. There's nothing better than layering up, throwing on an oversized coat and a sleek pair of trainers like these grey and black Nike Roshe from Footasylum and heading out for the day. Roll neck jumpers are pretty much my wardrobe staple at the moment, whether it's with a pair of culottes, pencil skirt or a sleek pair of leather trousers I've practically lived in mine. Certainly on my Christmas wish list are these dreamy white asymmetric D-ring trousers by House of Sunny, I love anything that puts you slightly out of your comfort zone.


Hey, hey, hey! As we're at the end of 2014 I've already started to reflect on this past year - and what a year it has been. Between moving house three times, summering it up in Ibiza as well as a few festivals, dropping a few dress sizes and securing a new job I can safely say 2014 has been my year so here's a few highlights that I thought I'd share.

Firstly, what a whirlwind this year has been for my career! As some of you may know after graduating from Huddersfield University where I studied Fashion Communication & Promotion with by babe Megan Ellaby, I joined Lavish Alice as the Senior Fashion Assistant managing social media,  PR, blog content and blogger outreach along with assisting Label PR's SEO in various projects and tasks. From this I really started to enjoy SEO and blogger outreach as it's a lot more than simply gifting a blogger to wear a brand, it's all about site authority and Google rankings. I'll be doing more posts regarding SEO so keep your eyes out.
In July this year I was asked to take over managing Lavish Alice's Affiliate Network - for those of you who don't know much about this it's basically publishers gaining commission for directing traffic to a website, but I'll go into detail about this another time. In November this year Label PR and Lavish Alice had been in talks about moving me over to Label to continue my work for Lavish but to work on other brands such as Rare London, Footasylum, Bosch and Transform Clinical Group. I can't even begin to describe my excitement when I was asked! Both companies have always worked quite closely together and I was always over at Label's offices with the PR and digital team so it was a non-brainer for me! Working side by side with an SEO Director and Manager, getting taught first hand new skills - erm YES PLEASE! So over the past few weeks I've slowly  left  moved offices to officially join the digital team at Label PR. (BIG SMILES)

A New Years resoultion I started back in 2013 which I was determine to conquer was my weight. I'd battled with fad diets for as long as I can remember and towards the end of last year I decided enough was enough! After following fashion and fitness bloggers such as Lydia Elise Millen (my ultimate girl crush) and Fanny Lyckman, I knew there was only one way. So I joined back at the gym and completely cleared my mind of any negative thoughts, along with my Eighty20 guide in hand I evaluated my lifestyle and eating habits and made some needed changes.
I had set myself clear goals and achievements, knowing I had a summer filled with festivals and bikinis I knew I wanted to feel more confident. Swapping toast at breakfast for organic 100% oats and soya milk, a sandwich and crisp at dinner for homemade soup with Ryvita and mid-afternoon biscuits for peanut butter oatcakes - I was soon on the right track. So I'm back, blogging about everything fashion and fitness with a few blogger tips and SEO techniques in-between I'm sure you'll all find useful.
Feel free to leave your questions below, I'll always answer as best I can.

Soph x