When I've got late in from training all I want is a quick healthy lean meal, nothing to heavy before I relax and head off to bed. Salmon is one of my favourite types of meat, packed with protein and omega 3 it's the perfect after workout fix. Eating anything high in carbs after lunch is a big no-no, carbs turn into energy in your body if you eat them late in the day before your body is about to switch off for the night they've got more chance of turning into stored fat. Living by this rule I stick to high protein packed evening meals with tasty veg instead.

Taking a fresh salmon fillet sprinkle with mixed herbs, black pepper and garlic powder. Using half a fresh lemon, squeeze over the top and wrap the fillet up in tin foil. Put on a baking tray in the oven at around 180 degrees and leave to cook for 13 minutes.

Next add boiled water to a steamer, placing the asparagus tips green beans on a different shelf leave to steam for 5 minutes. You can also add mangetout and baby corn for more variety. 

Taking another pan filled with boiling water, add a sprinkle of vinegar stir well with a large spoon (preferably wooden) and add an egg right in the centre of the pan. The water should swirl around the egg causing it to 'hug itself.' Leave to poach for 5 minutes, and NOT a minute longer to get the perfect runny egg.

Add the steamed veg to a plate and squeeze with the remaining lemon. Serve the fish on top and season with black pepper, use the remaining lemon to garnish the plate along with the poached veg.

And there you have it, a high protein packed healthy meal, perfect after a gym session. 



As I'll be attending a press trip to Egypt next week with one of our clients Swimwear365, I thought I'd create a little outfit plan so when it comes to packing (which I usually leave until the last minute) I'll have a rough idea of the looks I want to create. Whilst in Egypt I'll be working on shoots with bloggers A Fashion Fix and Things I Do Think and Buy, as well as assisting some of the journalists on the trip. I plan to stay slightly covered up without getting to hot and bothered in the burning Egyptian heat, so I thought these lace wide leg trousers would be perfect over the rushed bandeau bikini. Never one to wear heels, these black sliders look super comfy and would perfectly compliment this casual outfit.  



Black Tailored Coat: Urban Outfitters
Marble Print Sweater: Lavish Alice
Black Culottes: (similar) Boohoo
Leather Gloves: ASOS
Faux Fur Scarf: (similar) ASOS
Argate Cluth: Rianna Phillips
Adidas Originals: Footasylum

Heading down to London Fashion Week for the weekend I couldn't contain my excitement, meeting up with bloggers I speak to practically everyday is definitely a massive perk of the job. My main aim was to stay warm and toasty without too many layers, so I opted for my favoured Black Tailored Oversized Coat from Urban Outfitters, rain or shine this is the perfect coat for me. I can literally wear it with anything. As the Lavish Alice SS15 collection had just launched last week, I'd had my eye on the Marble Print Sweater since I previewed the lookbook at the beginning of the year - who knew marble could look so chic? Teaming the sweater with my go-to Black Tailored Culottes by Boohoo and my Adidas Originals from Footasylum I was ready to tackle Somerset House one cobble at a time.


As I frantically pack my suitcase ready for a busy weekend down in London tomorrow, representing Label PR I thought I’d share with you my new business cards and a few tips on how to get noticed at events with crowds of bloggers doing similar to what you’re doing. 

Personalised business cards are by far the easiest way to stand out. Just think, if you receive 100 letters a day surely you’d easily get bored - just like if you received a standard business card. Anytime you can make something personal - DO IT! There’s nothing I love to see more than personality coming through even on the smallest of things like a business card, images are always a good shout. This allows the person to instantly recognise you and your style, this would be my top suggestion.

Always think outside the box - not all business cards have to particularly be a standard shape or even a shape at all. I’ve had business cards on USBs, tissue paper, even scarfs! If it’s relatable then do it, there’s nothing more interesting than seeing how someone else presents themselves, without them actually being stood before you.

Originality is always key, don’t just do something because you’ve another similar one. 9/10 if it’s another blogger, Digital Exec’s like me tend to have every business card under the sun, we can stop a ‘copy cat’ a mile off.

Valentine's Day in Brussels

As a bit of a Valentine's treat, my lovely boyfriend decided to take me on a 'surprise' trip to Brussels for the weekend. I say 'surprise' as I wasn't suppose to know where I was going until I arrived at the airport, but one of his friends managed to confess the destination in the pub one afternoon... Serves him right for taking me to watch the West Ham game haha. So off we went for a long weekend to Belgium, a place I'd always wanted to visit - not just for the waffles and chocolate of course.